Jean-Luc Cooke

Board Director. Software Engineer. Green Catalyst.

Green Corporate Governance

I want to bring my experience as the President of the Green Party of Canada into the corporate boardroom where it can be leveraged in transforming existing practices to be more sustainable and profitable.

I believe big changes can happen one decision at a time when done through a consistent ethic.

Never satisfied as an observer, I've always sought out ways of operating in a team within a stable governance model to achieve success.

Whether working in the tech sector, in the community or in the high-pressure national political stage - my calm, professional demeanour has helped me communicate sensitive and complex issues clearly and with compassion.

Green Credibility
Ideal Board Director For:
High Tech Firms

With a strong background in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics - make your board stronger while preserving your technology 'start-up' culture and ambition.

Firms Seeking a Green Champion

As the current President of the Green Party of Canada and a 3-time candidate in Canadian federal elections, your organization will have unequalled expertise in moving to better practices and a culture of sustainability.

Good Governance

Combining "geek-culture" and "green-culture" into the complete package requires "professional-culture". Every board decision affects careers and shareholder value. Jean-Luc is a rare confluence of these attributes.